dsc_3509Essence Chiropractic is located at Nourish Family Wellness in Southern New Brighton in the Main Street Village next door to the Post Office!

Our goal is to put a little more ease in the lives of moms!  Our center strives for this with a family friendly environment, childcare select days of the week and our focus on natural care for pre-baby, post-baby and well women care!

When I was driving to work today virtually pain free on my one and a half hour commute I decided that I wanted to send a little note and thank Dr. Jillian for everything that she has done for me in a very short time. I am a 52 year old guy and I have never been to a chiropractor. The pain issue that I was experiencing is something that has reoccurred on a number of occasions and usually takes multiple months to work out on its own. When I decided to try a chiropractor I had been in pain for a month or maybe two and the pain was getting worse and interfering with my life. I have only been in three times over the course of a week and my pain is somewhere in the range of 90% better already. I look forward to getting rid of the last 10%. In addition to how impressed I am with my results I am equally impressed with how Dr. Jillian explained the process, her openness to my questions, the time she took, and her overall professionalism and manor in treating me.
Thank you so much